Nutty Granola and Flapjacks - The Honestly Healthy Way

When it comes to cereals and 'healthy' treats, I feel like I never really know what brands to trust. For January I've experimented with homemade recipes so that I can be sure what I am eating is wholesome and nutritious. Honestly Healthy is a fab recipe book which focuses on eating the Alkaline way and avoiding acidic foods which can affect digestion. This post is inspired by their 'Sticky Seed Flapjack' recipe which is jam packed with nuts, seeds and fruit. I've taken the recipe one step further by making a homemade granola with the ingredients and whipping up a dreamy breakfast with the results. 

The main ingredients in the flapjack recipe are seeds, nuts and dates. Soaked dates are used for sweetness and holds the dried ingredients together as apposed to sugary syrup. 

The flapjacks are a lovely way of having a treat snack, packed full of energy to keep you going during the day. I've taken a few flapjacks and crushed them into a jar. I added extra hazelnuts and flax seeds to make a granola. 

I decided to use some sweet blood oranges and grapefruit to add some sharpness to my granola. 

I love layering up all the ingredients into these sweet little jam jars starting with the granola and topping with low fat greek yogurt, blood orange and poppy seeds. 

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  1. Oh WOW! This looks absolutely incredible. I assume this was absolutely worth the effort, but, out of interest, did it take long to whip all this together??? Fantastic pics x